What is blacklist in MPSC ? How to avoid it ?

Hello Everyone Welcome to MPSC Exam. You must know what is blacklist. We have seen blacklist in our college life that the students who are not used to seat in the class. They used to go canteen and library without attending the lectures and attendance. And finally they used to fail in the semester exam with all subjects… etc. tell me your college experience in the comments section.

MPSC Blacklist Candidates List : MPSC Blacklist Candidates [Download]

mpsc blacklist candidates
mpsc blacklist candidates

Here we will understand what is blacklist in the MPSC. Recently MPSC has cleared that the people who are blacklisted by the UPSC are also going to blacklisted in our list. So now you know that there is blacklist in UPSC too.

Now the thing is if you are not following the rules of exam and doing whatever you want and that whatever is the bad practice of MPSC then you will get penalty by the Maharashtra public service commission. Blacklist is not only related to the cheat in the exam there are lots of other things that are going to create problem in MPSC Exam.

So, my advise to you is follow the rules of nature and be simple in each and every stage and everywhere in the exam process.

There are lots of bad things that will create trouble in this exam so here I will explain lots of common things to avoid this problem and I will tell you basic things to protect yourself from this trouble.

Before coming to the topic I want to tell you that do share this type of stuff with your friends and the competitors on Facebook groups, WhatsApp groups, Telegram Groups, etc.

First, see what are the bad practices that candidates are used to do.

Before that : Blacklist means permanently debar from the commission or debar for 1year or debar for 5 year or debar for 10 year, etc.

1) Wrong Information in online system.

If you will fill wrong information in the online system to hide something correct and if that found by commission then you will be blacklisted or they may give you warning etc.

For e.g. If you are open category candidate and you have fill the wrong information like OBC/SC/SBC/ST category to appear for exam and you get through the exam up to documents verification and there you made mistake, here mistake means anything like no original documents, fake documents etc. then you may be in trouble. First they will cancel your candidature for that exam means now you are not in the race of that exam and after they may add your name in the list called blacklist for your bad practice.

I am not going to share everything about filling wrong information in online system for e.g. Do not try to create multiple accounts on the online platform of mpsc i.e. on mahampsconline platform. If you forget login password then contact to the MPSC officials there are contacts numbers on website itself.

2) Appearing for the exam with others information.

If you are like boss and you want that hey bro! Go and appear for me in the mpsc exam. This also bad practice. What the dumb peoples do they exchange the photo in the hall ticket and they make mistakes you know!

And if any candidate uploads the photo of other and the other person appears for the exam and what finally happened is the original person will go for the final verification and that time you will be caught.

This is also limited information about using other person to get through this exam. So don’t try to do things like this.

3) Copy master

See in such types of exams the peoples used to do copy in different way because its not traditional exam that you will read 100 pages and everything will come from those 100 pages. So what peoples do? They makes mistake by using communications devices in the exam hall. And most commonly used device is the Android/Windows/IOS mobile with Good Connection of Internet. And if you found with such types of devices in your hand in the exam hall then you will get penalty for sure! Penalty may be anything but you will be blacklisted.

4) Blacklisted by other commissions

If the candidate is blacklisted by other commission like UPSC, SSC, IBPS etc. because you have option in our mahampsconline portal to select whether you are blacklisted by UPSC or SSC.(Yes/No)

If you are blacklisted by commissions like UPSC then without asking to you the MPSC will add your name in their blacklist.

So these are the common things you must know and do not follow such types of bad practice. It’s bad for present and bad for your future. And it’s bad for your family too.

Now comes to the solution part of this Blacklist:

So, to avoid from blacklisting follow the rules which are mentioned below and others too that are not but they are ethically true.

1) Make single profile with correct information in mpsc online platform.

2) Do not disclose your login credential with anyone.

3) Check your information on the regular basis. Update the required fields on basis.

4) Before applying to any exam check all the information of your profile. At least while verifying the information please check whether its correct or not.

5) Keep ready for exam with correct and valid documents. E.g. Aadhar card, Hall ticket etc.

6) Be aware from criminal case that I forgot to tell you. Do not involve in criminal offence.

So, this was from me for you. If you want to tell this to others then share it with others to take care of our society.

By the way! Everything is in your hand and keeps eyes on surrounding because you may be taking care of it but others are not taking care of you …

Thanks for reading!! Keep visiting our website and do share or ask what you want. I will care of you that is my promise.

Thanks again!!

before that see the notifications regarding blacklist by our commission. (MPSC)

17 thoughts on “What is blacklist in MPSC ? How to avoid it ?”

  1. Sir actually for Forest service i am eligible for only class2 but i did it for both post class1 and class 2
    I hv not done payment till now
    Will be there any problem sir? If i applied

    • Not at all … only they will not considered you for 1st post thats it. if there is option to select posts while applying then you can select it. now if you want to apply for post 2 only then you can cancel that applied application and then reapply for post 2 only.

  2. Sir ….l am belongs to open categiry….
    Jab MPSC exam ka document verification hota hai. to konse documents hone chahiye..( for open female)

    • For this i will write article in detail for every category…. As open female … Only limited documents. Like 10th Certificate, Domicile Certificate, graduation certificate , cast certificate (if), … Keep all Documents with you that you have filled information in MPSC Profile.etc.
      You will go there with file not with limited documents… So, keep all documents with you.

  3. Sir mazi friend BA la astana 1 year karita dbar zali hoti mg tila mpsc ch registration kartana tyachi mahiti dyavi lagel ka..? Ti mpsc exam sathi eligible tharel ka..? Ti apply karu shakte ka?

    • Ho, Apply Karu shakate, Ti information dyayachi tar dya kinva naka deu tyacha period samplela ahe and yevdha farak nahi padat unless and until 10th 12th la nahi pahije.

      • 12 th la dbar asel TR farak padto ?… Interview panel vr bad impact as Kai hot ka?…12 th made dbar asel tr information hi dyavich lagel ka form made?

        • Tase kahi nahi pan tya board exams aahet and after selection sarv verification hote candidate che. And tyacha kahi farak nahi padat fakt interview la vicharu shaktat. But most of the exams la interview 50-100 marks cha asto to selection mostly exam chya marks var hote.

  4. SIR MI bsc 1st yr la 1 semseter debar jalo hoto mgh next semester la sagle subject clear kele 3 year mdhech degree jali tr ata mpsc online form fill kartana debar cha vicharla ahe and ani nantr selection mdhe process mdhe attestation form filling la sudha rusticate/debarment cha vichartat tr mpsc sathi eligible asnar ka??? kiva police clearence certificate or character certificate mdhe problem yeil ka??? plzzz reply


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