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MPSC Rajyaseva Exam Book Lists

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MPSC Group C Exam Book List

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MPSC Engineering Services Book Lists

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MPSC Forest Services Book List

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MPSC Agriculture Services Book List

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State Board Books

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Note: In This Page, we will update MPSC Books Lists for MPSC Competitive Exams. We won’t post any Random Booklist. so, you may not find a book list for your exam. but in future, we will update it with help of trusted sources like toppers, any institutions, experts or candidates themselves.


31 thoughts on “MPSC Books”

    • for that take suggestions from UPSC civil services exam book list. but, for some subjects you won’t find good books for MPSC prelim. particularly for geography and history. so, try to manage these subjects with Marathi. so, to pass prelim with English medium i will suggest you to prepare CSAT paper first and then polity, environment, economics etc subjects from paper 1.

    • i m facing same problem…
      but we have to accept some things…..
      mpsc material wont be fully available in english..
      you to have manage with marathi tooo…..

  1. hii sir..plz sir can you suggest me the list of books for mpsc civil engineerng for both prelims as well as mains examination ??

    • I don’t have domain knowledge of engineering subjects so, i will ask someone and will update but I don’t think for this prelim i will update. So, manage it.

    • This is called cut off. Every year mpsc select 12-16 ( Ratio) of candidates wrt Posts to appear for mains and 3(Ratio) to interview. So, to pass prelim you must be in 12-16 Ratio art posts people, then only you will pass prelim. Likewise you must come in 3(Ratio) candidates to qualify for interview. So, there are not any minimum marks required to pass mpsc. I can tell you marks to pass mpsc but you may not get it. And there is category wise cut off.

  2. Answer Key cha kahi samjle nahi saheb. Jara explain karal ka. apan jya pdf updated kelya ahet tya asnwer final key made question no samor 4 options ahet. tya madil konte answer correct ahe te kasa samjel. karan tya made jar question samor Sanch A, B,C,D ase mention kele ahat. pls confirm sir.

    • त्यामध्ये सेट A B C D या प्रमाणे उत्तरे असतात. त्यामुळे त्यातील A सेट खाली जी उत्तरे असतील ती या प्रश्नपत्रिकांचे उत्तरे असतील. पेज वर सेट A च्या प्रश्नपत्रिका आहेत. आणि कोणता सेट असतो ते प्रश्नपत्रिकेच्या पहिल्या पानावर नमूद असते.

      शक्यतो फायनल की वापरावी.

      उत्तरे बघताना A set मधली बरोबर असतील.

      परीक्षेत 4 सेट असतात, त्यामुळे 4 प्रकारची उत्तरे देतात, पण प्रश्न सेम असतात सर्व प्रश्नपत्रिकांचे फक्त मागे पुढे असतात सेट नुसार.

  3. sir mi ata bsc krtoy mi kashaprakare suruvat kru abhyas karayla… maz swapn ahe aplya maharastrasathi kahitri karaych mala police khatyatli post pahije mi konti post nivdavi.. mi tyasathi kitihi abhyas kitihi parishram ghyayla tayar ahe.. mala fkt guide kra plzz

    • Police Department chya limited posts astat MPSC madhe tyat Class 1 DySP aste and Class 2 PSI ya sathi veg veglya exam astat tya bagha and decide kara..Baki study plan sathi ithe sangta nahi yenar kahi specific questions astil tar vichara.

  4. Please suggest me how to prepare for MPSC. There are many books but how to get started. Someone will guide us

    • Start with basics..
      1. Know the syllabus
      2. Past papers and do analysis
      3. Make book list
      4. Start preparing from state board books
      5. Prepare mains first then prelim
      6. Make Time table and follow it.

  5. Sir when this 8th to 12th books pdf will upload on my website free like you what will happen?this will legal or illegal ? Is that government take action on my website

  6. Sir mpsc rajyaseva chi new (patter)syllabus oriented booklist patva ki…specially for gs papers..

  7. Sir mpsc rajyaseva mains chi new(pattern) syllabus oriented booklist patva..specially for gs papers…


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