PSI STI ASO 2018 Ad, Hall Ticket and Exam Papers

Welcome to MPSC Material Website. Today we have news about PSI STI ASO Advertisement 2018. So in this post we will discuss about this MPSC Combine 2018 Exam, MPSC Combined exam 2018 Advertisement, MPSC Combine Hall Ticket and MPSC Combined Exam 2018 Date.

MPSC Combined exam 2018 question paper and Answer Key

MPSC combined exam 2018 question paper

Download : MPSC combined Prelim 2018

First Answer Key : MPSC Combined 2018 First Answer Key

How to calculate Marks ?

how to calculate combine exam marks

MPSC Combined exam 2018 question paper आणि Answer key (mpsc answer key 13 may 2018), विशेषतः mpsc combine answer key 2018 आज उपलब्ध होईल संध्याकाळपर्यंत कारण mpsc answer key : rajyaseva 2018 ही १० एप्रिल २०१८ ला संध्याकाळी ६ च्या सुमारस उपलब्ध करून दिलेली होती…

MPSC Combine Exam 2018, Date, Hall Ticket 

MPSC Combine Hall Ticket:

MPSC Combine Exam Hall Ticket is available and you can download it from MPSC Online Website:

Link :

Follow these Steps to Download Hall Ticket: Log IN>My Account>Competitive Examination>Select Year ” 2018 ” and Select Post Name ” 14/2018 – Maharashtra Subordinate Services Non-Gazetted, Group-B Preliminary Examination 2018 (28/02/2018)

Now you will see exam Details and there you have to Check that CheckBox and then click on the “Hall Ticket” and do what you want(Click on print to Download or Print)… ok.

MPSC Combined Exam 2018 Date:

Do you know that MPSC Combined Exam 2018 Date is not 6th may 2018. Now the new combined psi sti aso exam date is 13 May 2018.

मागील काही वर्षांच्या प्रश्नपत्रिका आणि उत्तर तालीकांचे निरीक्षण करून जा :

MPSC PSI : MPSC PSI Questions Papers and Answers Keys

MPSC STI : MPSC STI Questions Papers and Answers Keys

MPSC ASO : MPSC ASO Questions Papers and Answers Keys

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MPSC ASO STI PSI Advertisement 2018

Full जाहिरात आलेली आहे : MPSC Combined Exam 2018 advertisement.

(Full Advertisement )Link : mpsc combined exam 2018 advertisement

जर तुमचे MPSC Online Website वर account असेल तर लगेच परीक्षेसाठी अर्ज करू शकता :

अर्ज करण्यासाठी Website:

Exam Name Will Be :

Maharashtra Subordinate Services Non-Gazetted, Group-B Preliminary Examination 2018

परीक्षेचे नाव असेल:

महाराष्ट्र दुय्यम सेवा अराजपत्रित, गट-ब पूर्व परीक्षा – 2018

खाली नवीन Pattern & Syllabus दिलेला आहे तो पण बघून घ्या पहिले.

Let’s get started,

all details about Combine MPSC Exam advertisement, MPSC Combined Exam 2018 advertisement and psi sti aso advertisement 2018
psi sti aso advertisement 2018

Note: Sorry for PSI STI ASO instead of Maharashtra Subordinate Services or ASO STI PSI.  If coaching classes are writing this way “PSI STI ASO” So, I can Also Write this way. By the way if you want the actual name of the exam is Maharashtra Subordinate Services Exam. So if you found something wrong in the exam name then consider it “Maharashtra Subordinate Services Exam”

PSI STI ASO 2018 is same as MPSC Rajyaseva Advertisement 2018 in sense of Posts. In this year’s there are less posts compare to previous year. And from this year this MPSC Combine 2018 exam for Assistant Section Officer, State Tax Inspector and Police Sub Inspector will not be combine for prelim only the paper 1 of all these PSI STI ASO Exam will be same and one more news about this exam is that now we have new pattern for this PSI STI ASO Exam. In sense you can call PSI STI ASO New Syllabus from 2018.

Lets talk about Online Application Date and exam date for this exam.

Online Application Date for PSI STI ASO 2018 Exam are :

First Date: 28 February 2018.

Last Date: 20 March 2018.

PSI STI ASO Exam Dates are as follows:

Note that they have changed the exam dates for this exam and other one that is AMVI Exam So consider the new exam dates for PSI STI ASO 2018

MPSC Combine Prelim 2018: 13 May 2018.

MPSC Combine Mains 2018(Paper 1):  26 August 2018.

MPSC PSI Mains 2018 Paper 2: 2 September 2018

MPSC STI Mains 2018 Paper 2: 30 September 2018.

MPSC ASO Mains 2018 Paper 2: 6 October 2018.

So these are PSI STI ASO Exam Dates they may change in future if they want because its depend on them but the PSI STI ASO 2018 Prelim Date is Confirm.

If you want to know more about the new pattern and syllabus of this exam then read following post from where you can download New Pattern and Syllabus of Maharashtra Subordinate Services Exam.

MPSC ASO-STI-PSI New Pattern (Maharashtra Subordinate Service)

And if you know or do not want to read it then simply download the new pattern and syllabus from below:

PSI STI Asst(ASO)  Syllabus in Marathi PDF

Download[pdf] : Maharashtra Subordinate Services New Syllabus and Pattern

In the above PDF You will find New Syllabus and Pattern of all three exams so do not find anywhere else that “where is MPSC PSI Syllabus ?” “Where is MPSC STI Syllabus ?” “Where is PSI STI Asst Prelim Syllabus”. Everything about pattern and syllabus is given in the above pdf.

Let’s talk about Number of Posts for each Post.

ASO Total Posts: 28

STI Total Posts: 34

PSI Total Posts: 387

Total Posts for PSI STI ASO 2018 are 449.

So while applying for Online Form for each posts make sure you are eligible. (like Physical Requirements are there only for PSI and Age limit is also less than the other two posts)

So if you want to know the distribution of each post amongst categories then check our instagram page

( @mpscmaterial ) or download this PDF about PSI STI ASO advertisement 2018

Download: PSI STI ASO advertisement 2018

Full notification about Age and other qualification details will be available from tomorrow (28 February 2018) so wait for it.

So what left?

If you want to read exam details of each posts like post, salary job location, process and lots more then you can read the following posts but make sure to read new updated syllabus of all.

MPSC PSI : Police Sub Inspector Exam

MPSC STI : Sales Tax inspector Exam

 MPSC ASO : Assistant Section Officer Exam

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