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17 thoughts on “Contact Us”

      • But some say that one has to provide a certificate that he knows how to read, write and speak marathi. So what to do about it. Will i get cancelled as i didnt have marathi as my subject in 10th.
        Or is there any other process after selection?

        • Yes ! Its True That You have to Prove That You Can Write, Speak And Understand Marathi. And If You don’t have Marathi Subject in 10th or else.. Then you will have to take Certificate From any Collage principal Or Marathi Language Teacher.

  1. I was debarred in 12 th science exam. Does it mean I am in blacklist for mpsc. Can I apply to mpsc. What should I fill in relative field of mpsc profile for debarred canditate

    • You will be eligible ! But if you want then you can mention that period of Debar. Blacklist is Little bit different .. one may get Lifetime Blacklisted or one can get 1 or 2 years its depends on the act. usually if you do act in MPSC Exams or other PCS or commission then its more chance of blacklist .. your problem is at secondary school level and period of that is over so, you can mention the topic and period but MPSC Will Accept your application but i am not 100% sure but you can update that status after also.

  2. Hello sir.
    I have appeared bsc maths last year and I’m doing PG in maths.
    I want to give mpsc exam… But I’m still confused that for which post should I apply??


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