Change in UPSC Civil Services Exam 2018.

Welcome to MPSC Material Website. In this post I am going to share the change made by upsc for civil services exam 2018. And this information is given by Jagtar Malwa personally in one of my page so first of all thanks to Jagtar Malwa who is on quora .

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Let’s get started with main topic.

So what is the big Chang in UPSC Exam 2018.
It’s change in written languages for mains exam.
Now you can choose two languages for mains exam in following ways :
1.You can choose 1 Language for Eassy and General Studies Papers.
2. You can choose 1 Language for your Optional subject.
3. ‎you can choose only one language for both options.

Note: if your optional is literature then you have to write it in that language. because it’s not allowed to write it in different language. For eg. You will write answers of marathi literature in marathi only and in Sanskrit i think you have option to write it in other language too for some of particular questions.

Now you know what is the Chang in civil services exam 2018. This big changes is related to written language for civil services mains exam and you know this will be helpful for those who choose language of written exam based on either optional or general studies. So this minor or big change may create happiness amongst all candidates or candidates from regional languages with technical optional subject which you can write well in english only. In the other hand if your optional subject is static in nature like history and you are preparing it with your regional language but you are preparing for exam in english for general studies because of availability of material. So, in such scenario it will be helpful for candidates like you or me or someone else.

Now take example of Marathi Language for Written exam.
Suppose you have optional subject Marathi Literature itself means you can write it only in Marathi medium/Language but suppose you can write good answers in english for general Studies papers. So, Now this is possible because you can select english for essay and General Studies papers and marathi for Optional paper.

Isn’t it Good Chang in UPSC civil services exam 2018?

In my opinion it’s good Chang in civil services exam and it will not change anything for others too means if you want to write everything in english or everything in Marathi then you can select marathi or english in both options.

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