bhartiya samvidhan in marathi pdf free download

Welcome to MPSC Material Website. In This post you will get bhartiya samvidhan in marathi pdf free download . before that i will tell something about Bharatiya Samvidhan (भारतीय संविधान). So before that read the  instructions/information to save time while reading.

Constitution of India in Marathi

So, I want to tell you that the Marathi version of constitution is not the original means its translation of original Constitution in English. The language of constitution of India in Marathi is hard. by the way the all versions of constitution are hard to understand because constitution is not the book to give you information of India. its sets of rule to run the country (Republic Of India).So, the meaning is that the language of constitution is not our language that we talk daily.

bhartiya samvidhan in marathi pdf free download
constitution of India in Marathi

In the constitution you will not get preamble but its available everywhere(in state board Books) .

my suggestion is that first read the index of constitution and do remember it by its points(parts). if you will do this then it will be useful, after that know the range of article and if you get idea of articles then in exam you can eliminate the options by understanding that question because if you know the range of article of anything(Like President, Prime minister, Chief Minister etc) then you can eliminate options.

So, Below you will find Constitution of India in Marathi , Hindi and English too in pdf.

Download(5.1MB): Constitution_Of_India(Marathi)

Download(1.1MB): Constitution Of India(Hindi)

Download(4.8MB): Constitution_Of_India(English)

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