We know that Maharashtra Public Service Commission is a Constitutional Body established Under Article 315 of Constitution of India to provide a smooth and efficient functioning of the Government of Maharashtra (GoM) by providing suitable candidates for various Government posts and advise them on various service matters like formulation of Recruitment Rules (RR), advise on promotions, transfers and disciplinary actions etc.

We all know that MPSC conducts lots of examinations every years including MPSC State service which is so popular as UPSC CSE. Now there are 1 stage examinations, 2 stages examinations and 3 stages examinations. There are lots of examination you can apply for it with simple any graduation and there are different examinations which requires specific educational qualification. I will make this site with full of information about all competitive examinations but it will take lots of time.

The main focus of this website would be on competitive examinations conducted by Maharashtra Public Service Commission.If you have any suggestion regarding this website and if you want to write any article on this website you can contact me on Facebook or trough email ID. Email ID and Facebook ID is available in contact us page of this website.

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